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Egg Donation in St. Petersburg, Russia

In vitro fertilisation in Russia can be carried out using both partners' and donor sex cells. Delta Fertility offers fresh egg donation programs with a guaranteed number of eggs and blastocysts. Our patients choose the donor by themselves using open online database. Let's take a closer look at the IVF procedure with donor eggs.

ivf with donor eggs in russia
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When should women consider using donor eggs?

Indications for Egg Donation:
Отсутствие собственных яйцеклеток

Absence of own eggs

Age-related or due to ovarian insufficiency, ovarian surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or genetic abnormalities.
попытки переноса эмбрионов

Repeated embryo transfer attempts without success

Which do not result in pregnancy (due to insufficient quantity or poor quality of the eggs).

Treatment options and guarantees:

We offer two packages depending upon your choices. Most of IVF cycles are performed with PGT-a for embryos.
  • A cycle with 10 fresh eggs
  • Individual donation with all retrieved eggs
Features of egg donation programs
Fresh Donation with 10 oocytes

Delta Fertility Clinic specialises in IVF programs with fresh donor eggs, with the majority of IVF cycles being performed with PGT of embryos for aneuploidy.
The Basic Package includes 10 fresh eggs, fertilisation, embryo culture and transfer. We guarantee that you receive 10 eggs and at least 2 5-day embryos.

IVF with all fresh donor eggs

Individual Egg Donation allows you to use all eggs, obtained during egg collection. We guarantee at least 12 eggs and 2 blastocysts as a result.
Our Patient Coordinator will help you choose the best donor taking into account the appearance, similarity and your wishes.

Steps and timing of the IVF program with fresh donor eggs:

выбор донора из банка

1. Patients select a suitable donor from the database.

If the donor is ready to begin the protocol in the near future, she undergoes a checkup and agrees with the fertility specialist on a date for the start of the program.
овариальная стимуляция

2. After receiving the results of the examination, the donor undergoes ovarian stimulation.

The duration of which is 10-12 days. When the follicles in the ovaries have grown, a date is set for the donor's egg collection.
10 свежих ооцитов донора

3. The program fee includes the use of 10 fresh donor oocytes.

If desired and possible, this number can be increased up to all donor oocytes obtained at the time of OPU. Once the donor eggs have been obtained, partner sperm is required for fertilisation. We can use fresh or frozen semen. In both cases, a sexual abstinence for 2-5 days and a minimum set of partner examinations (blood tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C) are required.
оплодотворение донорских яйцеклеток

4. Donor eggs are fertilised with the sperm of the partner.

The method of fertilisation (IVF or ICSI) is chosen based on the quality and characteristics of the semen sample.

культивация эмбрионов

5. The resulting embryos are cultured

in incubators on nutrient medium for 5-7 days until the blastocyst stage.
проведение ПГТ эмбриона

6. We do not recommend synchronising the cycles of the donor and the patient, so in most cases all embryos obtained are cryopreserved.

Before cryopreservation, a biopsy of the embryo trophectoderm can be performed for pre-implantation genetic testing. In our clinic, the study is performed by NGS method in the international partner laboratory Igenomix and takes about 10 working days.
подготовка к криопереносу

7. After freezing the embryos or receiving the PGT results, preparation of the woman for frozen embryo transfer begins.

We recommend preimplantation genetic testing of aneuploidy embryos — PGT-A.
In Delta Fertility Clinic, most IVF cycles including Egg Donation Programs are performed with this test.
It allows us to detect chromosomal genetic anomalies and select for transfer only those embryos that have the correct chromosome set. In our clinic, the test is performed by NGS method in the international partner laboratory Igenomix and takes about 10 working days to complete.
How to choose an egg donor online

How to choose an egg donor?

There are absolutely no medical criteria for choosing a donor: blood group and Rh factor, the donor's appearance have no influence on the probability and success of pregnancy in the patient.
The only exception is female patients with a negative Rh factor. In this case, when carrying a Rh-positive child during pregnancy, a Rh incompatibility may occur. The best treatment is prevention, so all pregnant women with this risk get the treatment. However, if a woman's partner is also Rh negative, there is no risk of Rh incompatibility and prevention treatment is not required. We recommend choosing a donor with a negative Rh factor. If the woman's partner is Rh positive, treatment will be performed regardless of the Rh factor of the donor.
In most cases, patients choose an egg donor based on the following criteria:
eye and hair colour
height, weight and body build
blood type and Rh-factor
childhood photos
информация о донорах

This information is available online in donor database.

You can also check out the extended questionnaires provided by our Donor Program Manager.
Extended questionnaires provide information on occupation, hobbies and interests, family history and additional photos.
доноры ооцитов

Egg donors in Russia are young women aged 18-35, physically and mentally healthy.

All donors at online database have undergone a comprehensive examination at Delta Fertility Clinic. We are confident in the results.

The medical testing for all oocyte donors includes:

Clinical and biochemical blood analysis, Coagulation testing, Urinalysis
Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C, HIV testing
Gynaecological examination, pelvic ultrasound
STD-testing, Pap-smear, Bacterioscopic tests of cervical, vaginal, cervix microflora
Hormone testing
Breast Ultrasound
GP counseling
Genetic counseling
Narcological and psychiatric examinations
In addition to the standard mandatory examination, most of our donors undergo extended genetic screening for monogenic diseases.
"CGT Essential" in the Igenomix laboratory. This allows us to exclude candidates who are carriers of monogenic genetic mutations such as spinal muscular atrophy, cystic fibrosis, etc.
Anonymous egg donation

Both anonymous and non-anonymous donation types are allowed in Russia.

In Delta Fertility, we offer anonymous donation.
No personal data is disclosed to the patients, and the donor does not know the patients' personal information. The manager of Egg Donation Programs knows the donors personally and helps you to choose the most suitable lady taking into account all your wishes.

Advantages of Delta Fertility

виды вспомогательных репродуктивных технологий виды вспомогательных репродуктивных технологий

All the most modern types of assisted reproductive technologies are available in our clinic including IVF with donor eggs.

Our patients can count on the high efficiency of the procedure. In 2021, the pregnancy rate for IVF with donor oocytes was 60.1%, and after genetic testing (PGT-A) - 64.7%.
нет листа ожидания нет листа ожидания

No waiting list

We always plan the treatment taking into account the wishes of the patient and the donor's availability. All stages of IVF with donor eggs last from 7 to 20 days (not including embryo transfer planning). If frozen eggs are used, treatment can be started right away.
доступны уникальные предложения доступны уникальные предложения


We guarantee not only the number of eggs but also the number of embryos to be used in IVF with fresh oocytes. We select donors in such a way that most of them are ready to begin the stimulation cycle.

    Delta Fertility Clinic in St. Petersburg

    The cost of egg donation in St. Petersburg

    Frozen Egg Donation Program with 8 eggs
    Use of 8 frozen donor eggs, ICSI fertilization, embryo culture, transfer of the embryo/s to the uterine cavity. Each additional frozen egg - 350 euro, min. 3-4. Extra charge: vitrification of up to 5 embryos - 450 euro, each subsequent one - 50. 3 months of storage-free of charge, subsequent storage of biomaterial (1 year) - 200 euro
    Fresh Egg Donation Program with 10 eggs 2 embryos guarantee
    10 fresh donor eggs, IVF/ICSI fertilization, embryo culture, transfer of the embryo/s to the uterine cavity. Extra charge: vitrification of up to 5 embryos - 450, each subsequent embryo - 50 euro. In case of PGT-A: trophectoderm biopsy of up to 5 embryos - 450, each subsequent embryo - 50 euro. PGT-A for each embryo - 400. Embryo thawing - 400.
    Individual Fresh Egg Donation Program 2 embryos guarantee
    All obtained donor eggs from 1 cycle, IVF/ICSI fertilization, embryo cultivation, transfer. The minimum guaranteed number of eggs is 12. 3 months of embryos storage - free of charge. Extra charge: vitrification of up to 5 embryos - 450, each subsequent embryo - 50 euro. In case of PGT-A: trophectoderm biopsy of up to 5 embryos - 450, each subsequent embryo - 50 euro. PGT-A for each embryo - 400. Embryo thawing - 400.
    Extra charge for inviting an advanced category donor
    Extra charge for inviting a nonresident donor
    Personalized egg donor selection

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