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IVF with donor sperm in St. Petersburg

In Russia, both egg donation and sperm donation are allowed. That is, both women and men can donate their sex cells to help other people conceive a child. Male donors donate sperm samples, which are mandatorily cryopreserved and undergo a 6-month quarantine. Before use, the sperm is thawed, cleaned and prepared assisted reproductive technology (ART) programmes.

Программа ЭКО с донорской спермой
пара прошла программу ЭКО с ДС
донор спермы
подготовка к программе ЭКО с ДС

In which programmes can donor sperm be used?

Donor sperm is used in Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).
Искусственная (внутриматочная) инсеминация

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

On the day of the AI, the embryologist thaws the donor sperm, cleans and prepares it to maximise the concentration of viable sperm and then draws it into a special catheter. The AI is performed on a gynaecological chair and takes 10-15 minutes. The gynaecologist inserts a special catheter with prepared sperm into the woman's uterine cavity. Artificial insemination is carried out only if the patency of the fallopian tubes is preserved and there is no pathology of the uterine cavity. It is a good option for single women without gynaecological pathology.

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

IVF involves several stages, which include hormonal stimulation followed by follicle puncture, fertilisation of the obtained eggs with donor sperm, embryo culturing and embryo transfer into the uterine cavity. 

In this case, fertilisation can be carried out in different ways:

  1. Insemination fertilisation (IVF), where a sample of cleaned sperm is mixed with eggs in a special media.
  2. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection into the egg (IVF-ICSI), in which the sperm is "manually" injected into the egg under a microscope and with special instruments.
Egg and sperm donation
Russia also allows double donation: donor sperm can be used in IVF programmes with donor eggs.

The exact method of infertility treatment is always selected individually and only after a consultation and comprehensive examination.


The use of donor sperm is the only chance for single women to get pregnant. Donor sperm can also be used in the following cases:
использование донорской спермы
Severe abnormalities in the spermogram, azoospermia;
Ineffectiveness of IVF or ICSI programmes with partner sperm;
The partner has genetic diseases that can be passed on to the baby;
The partner has an incurable sexually transmitted disease;
High risk of developing Rh conflict
Who can become a donor

Who can become a donor

The official requirements for sperm donors are quite simple: age from 18 to 35, absence of physical and mental illnesses, normal spermogram parameters and results of clinical and laboratory examination. Also, all donors must have a normal karyotype (chromosome set) and undergo a medical and genetic examination.

Managers at Delta Fertility use stricter criteria to select sperm donors. Special attention is paid to the fact that candidates have a harmonious appearance and body build. Also, some of our donors have healthy children of their own, although this is not an official requirement.

Donation can be anonymous or non-anonymous. Only anonymous donors are represented in our database.

Donor screening

A basic donor screening includes:
Examination by a urologist, general practitioner and geneticist.
Semen analysis
STDs and blood tests for infections
sperm donors are screened for monogenic diseases.

In our clinic, all sperm donors are screened for monogenic diseases.

In most cases, we carry out CGT Essential testing in Igenomix laboratory. This allows us to exclude candidates who are carriers of monogenic genetic mutations.
sperm freezing

If the donor meets all the criteria, the sperm samples are frozen.

After that, she is quarantined for 6 months. Then the donor comes to the clinic once again and retakes tests for infections. Only then the semen can be used for IVF or IUI.

What information can I find out about donors?

Our website provides an open database of donors, which can be consulted by anyone. The profiles include:
Childhood photos
Height and weight
Eye colour
Hair colour
Blood type and Rh factor
donors are tested for genetic disorders
It also indicates whether the donor has been tested for genetic diseases.
To use donor sperm, please contact the manager and book the material of the selected donor.
If necessary, an extended donor questionnaire can be requested from the manager.

IVF clinic in St. Petersburg

The cost of IVF with donor sperm

Donor sperm (1 sample)
Extra charge for using donor sperm from a third-party cryobank of the Russian Federation and CIS countries
Donor profiles are marked in the database
Selection of donor sperm from external cryobank
In vitro fertilization program
Ovulation stimulation, anesthesia, follicle puncture, in vitro fertilization, embryo cultivation, embryo transfer. Additionally paid for: medications, tests, ICSI of up to/more than 10 eggs - 500/700 euro. Vitrification of up to 5 embryos - 450 euro, each subsequent one - 50 euro. 3 months of embryo storage - free of charge. Trophectoderm biopsy of up to 5 embryos - 450 euro, each subsequent embryo - 50 euro. PGT-A of each embryo - 400. Embryo thawing - 400 euro.
Second In Vitro Fertilization Program
Second ovulation stimulation, anesthesia, follicle puncture, in vitro fertilization, embryo culture, embryo transfer. Repeated in vitro fertilization program without embryo transfer - 1570 euro
Natural cycle IVF program
Anesthesia, follicle puncture, in vitro fertilization in the natural cycle, embryo cultivation in the natural cycle, embryo transfer. Program without transfer - 1470 euro.
Mini stimulation IVF program
Ovulation stimulation, anesthesia, follicle puncture, in vitro fertilization, embryo cultivation, embryo transfer. IVF program with minimal stimulation without embryo transfer - 1620 euro.
Intrauterine insemination
Preparation of ejaculate, insemination procedure
Frozen embryo transfer
Embryo/s thawing, transfer into the uterine cavity
IVM program
Anesthesia, follicle puncture, IVM (pre-cultivation), IVF/ICSI fertilization, embryo culture and vitrification. Storage is charged additionally.
IVM program with egg freezing
Anesthesia, follicle puncture, IVM (pre-cultivation), oocytes vitrification. Storage is charged additionally.

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